Survey Resources

SHADAC has a variety of resources to help analysts conduct research and understand the results; this technical assistance agenda includes:

  • Facilitate the sharing of information and expertise among states and provide opportunities for state analysts to interact with federal survey research and design experts.
  • Help policy makers understand the unique characteristics of the uninsured and conceptualize state programs and interventions that will increase access to care.
  • Provide assistance to states using SHADAC's Coordinated State Coverage Survey (CSCS), a survey tool for estimating health insurance coverage rates at the state level.

State Reform Survey Item Matrix (SRSIM)

An Excel matrix with sort and filter functions that allows users to search for survey metrics and question items from existing state surveys and from three federal or foundation surveys that regularly report health insurance and access data.

Marketplace Enrollee Survey Item Matrix (MESIM)

An Excel matrix with sort and filter functions that allows users to browse or search for survey question items from national and state surveys in the areas of insurance coverage transitions, experiences with new coverage options, application pathway and information seeking, and reasons for uninsurance. 

Coordinated State Coverage Survey (CSCS)

A survey instrument developed by SHADAC to measure state-level health insurance coverage rates.

Exchange Surveys

This page is an archive of Exchange-related surveys conducted by states. 

Data Collection Technical Assistance

SHADAC offers technical assistance to states seeking information on their uninsured populations. Many requests can be fulfilled free of charge. If you have a question, please e-mail at or call 612-624-4802 and we will do our best to respond to your questions.

Federal Surveys and Technical Assistance (ACS, CPS, and other surveys)

SHADAC offers assistance in understanding how to apply federal data sources for state health policy analysis.  

Survey Methods Resources

In response to demand for understanding technical issues relating to measuring health insurance coverage, SHADAC has developed a series of practice guidelines for conducting health insurance surveys and focus groupss.

Resources for Monitoring the ACA

SHADAC-gathered online resources, data reports, and federal and state surveys to help monitor the Affordable Care Act.