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At the request of Minnesota’s State-Based Health Insurance Marketplace, MNsure, researchers from the University of Minnesota’s State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC) compiled data from a variety of sources to analyze, at an aggregate level, the shifts in health insurance coverage that have taken place in Minnesota since the fall of 2013. Support for this work was provided through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health Reform Assistance Network.

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During this event, Urban Institute researchers Lisa Clemans-Cope and Victoria Lynch will present findings from their SHARE-funded analysis of the current standard survey-based measure used to study the PCMH for children. The researchers will discuss several issues surrounding this measure that bring the validity of the measure into question.

Reports and Technical Papers

This timeline indicates key dates for the release of data and public use files from the Current Population Survey (CPS) in 2014 and 2015.

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Timely and accurate estimates of the number of people who do not have health insurance coverage are important for understanding trends in health insurance coverage and the impacts of policy changes that affect health insurance. Estimates of the number of people who are uninsured are available from several different sources. This brief provides an annual update to comparisons of uninsurance estimates from five federal surveys.[i] It presents trends in national estimates of uninsurance, presents the most recent available state-level estimates from these surveys, and describes the main reasons for variation in the estimates across the different surveys.



[i]    Annual updates to SHADAC’s brief Comparing Federal Surveys that Count the Uninsured from previous years are available at