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Publication Year: 2012

This brief highlights key findings from the SHARE-sponsored project led by David Idala, Director of Medicaid Policy Studies at The Hilltop Institute (University of Maryland, Baltimore County).  The project evaluated the implementation of Maryland's Kids First initiative, through which the state aimed to identify and enroll uninsured children who were eligible for Medicaid or CHIP coverage.  The goel of the Hilltop evaluation was to glean lessons for not just Maryland but also for other states considering similar outreach and enrollment efforts.  The brief describes the factors that facilitated Kids First as well as the key challenges that Maryland faced as it implemented the initiative.

Publication Year: 2011

This presentation from David Idala (The Hilltop Institute at University of Maryland, Baltimore County) provides an overview of Maryland's effort to conduct targeted outreach to Medicaid/CHIP-eligible children using information provided on state income tax forms and lays out the findings to date from a SHARE-funded evaluation of Maryland's effort.