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Publication Year: 2011

Presentation by Michael Cousineau (University of Southern California) at the 2011 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting.  Dr. Cousineau discusses the findings from a SHARE-sponsored study looking at the correlation between various outreach and enrollment mechanisms and actual enrollment numbers in three public health plans in California (Medicaid, CHIP, and Healthy Kids).  The presentation concludes with a discussion of the implications of the findings from this study for the implementation of national reform.

Publication Year: 2011

This webinar features presentations by SHARE grantees Dr. Genevieve Kenney and Dr. Edward Alan Miller.  Dr. Kenney presents findings from her study of the impact of benefit design changes on preventive care utilization among children enrolled in Medicaid/CHIP in Idaho and Kentucky.  Dr. Miller discusses his analysis of Rhode Island's HEALTHpact program, which aimed to expand coverage in the state's small-group market through insurance plans that incorporate financial incentives for wellness behaviors.

Publication Year: 2011

Presentation by Joanna Turner describing the distribution of and trends in health insurance coverage for Minnesota and sub-state regions.

Publication Year: 2011

Cousineau, M., Stevens, G., & Farias, A. 2011. “Measuring the Impact of Outreach and Enrollment Strategies for Public Health Insurance in California.” Health Services Research 46(1): 319-335.

This article examines the impact of various outreach strategies on enrollment of children in California public health insurance programs. Enrollment rates in 25 California counties are linked to the various outreach and enrollment strategies employed by each county.

Publication Year: 2010

This report uses data from the 2008 American Community Survey to showcase significant variations in health insurance status, both within and across states by age, race/ethnicity and family income.