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Publication Year: 2013

The number of uninsured Americans is large and growing over time, yet there continues to be debate about exactly how many Americans are uninsured. Researchers use data from several different national surveys to estimate the number of uninsured people in America and discrepancies in their estimates are common.  This brief compares estimates of health insurance coverage from four national health surveys sponsored by the federal government, identifies the differences in their estimates of uninsurance, and identifies  common themes.  Updated September 2013.


Publication Year: 2013

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) made a number of changes to the National Health Interview Survey questionnaire in response to new data requirements generated by the need to monitor the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on the health care system.  These changes were first implemented in the 2011 survey, were slightly modified in the 2012 survey, and are intended to be included in future year of the NHIS.  This brief describes these changes and how they will assist researchers and policymakers monitor and inform health reform.