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Publication Year: 2012

The Massachusetts health reform initiative enacted into law in 2006 continued to fare well in 2010, with uninsurance rates remaining quite low and employer-sponsored insurance still strong. Access to health care also remained strong, and first-time reductions in emergency department visits and hospital inpatient stays suggested improvements in the effectiveness of health care delivery in the state.  

Publication Year: 2011

Long, S., & Stockley, K. 2011. “The Impacts of State Health Reform Initiatives on Adults in New York and Massachusetts.” Health Services Research 46(1): 365-387.

This article examines the impact of state health reforms in New York and Massachusetts. In 2006, Massachusetts enacted a comprehensive reform of health care with the goal of creating near-universal health coverage. New York enacted a narrower set of reforms to incrementally increase access to health care between 2000 and 2001.