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Work Requirements Give Republicans Cover to Expand Medicaid
U.S. News & World Report April 23, 2018

Omnibus Coming Soon
Politico Pro March 21, 2018

There's a Lot To Learn from State Medicaid Experiments, but Only If They're Carefully Evaluated
Health Affairs Blog March 19, 2018

Minnesota's Uninsured Rate Jumps in 2017 Despite Strong Economy
University of Minnesota School of Public Health February 27, 2018

UMN Expert: Medicaid Work Requirements.   
University of Minnesota February 13, 2018

2017's Healthiest Cities in America. 
Wallethub.com February 12, 2018

Latest Health Care Repeal Bill in Senate Could Cost Minnesota Billions. 
Pharmacy Choice September 22, 2017

Why Single-Payer is Not Likely Our Path Forward. 
Star Tribune September 15, 2017

MinnesotaCare Buy-In: Maybe Not a Long Shot. 
Health Affairs Blog August 2, 2017

Reinsurance Approval Key to Holding Down Insurance Premium Hikes. 
MPR News August 1, 2017

Health Care Town Hall in Cottage Grove Shines Light on Medicaid Recipients. 
South Washington County Bulletin July 27, 2017

States Think Reinsurance Might Fix Obamacare Troubles. 
Washington Examiner July 24, 2017

CBO Gives Senate Health Care Bill a Toxic Score. 
Star Tribune June 27, 2017

MNSure Weighs Tighter Sign-Up Rules. 
Star Tribune ​April 27, 2017

How Minnesota is Steppimg Up to Preserve Its Individual Market. 
Health Affairs Blog April 18, 2017

Reps. Cramer, Peterson Appear Split on Obamacare Replacement. 
West Central Tribune March 22, 2017

How Reinsurance May Help Health Insurers. 
Finance and Commerce March 21, 2017