About SHAP

The states below have been awarded State Health Access Program (SHAP) grants by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) at Health and Human Services (HHS).  SHAP grants are intended to help these states expand access to affordable health care coverage for specific uninsured populations, and are an outgrowth of the agency's State Planning Grant program that operated from 2000-2007.  This program enabled many states to develop innovative plans that increased health insurance coverage for their uninsured residents.

The grants below have been awarded for one year, and may be extended to four additional years, based on the availability of funding.

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SHAP Grantee States

To view a PDF summary of each state’s program and general health reform environment, click on the state names below.



Year 1 Grant SHAP Program Keywords Organization Website
Colorado $9,966,612 Modernization, outreach, buy-in, three-share, pilot program(s) www.colorado.gov/hcpf
Kansas $1,930,490 CHIP expansion, increased market penetration, automated/online eligibility/enrollment, marketing/education www.khpa.ks.gov
Maine $8,500,000 Insurance exchange, premium assistance, insurance product, medical home, primary/preventive care, dependent coverage www.maine.gov/governor/baldacci/cabinet/health_policy.html
Minnesota $ 4,641,776 Multi-share expansion, local agencies, streamlined application/ enrollment, best practices www.dhs.state.mn.us
Nevada $4,000,000 Premium assistance, call center, outreach, policy center www.dhhs.nv.gov
New York $2,670,930 Incremental coverage expansion, multi-share, increased take-up of employer-sponsored insurance, online enrollment center, local-state link, centralized operations, premium subsidy www.hrinet.org;
North Carolina $1,264,097 Limited benefit plan, small business product, medical home, primary/preventive care, required enrollee contribution, Medicaid (1115) waiver www.dhhs.state.nc.us/orhcc
Oregon $9,978,200 Program expansion, small employer reinsurance, insurance exchange, multi-share, gap market insurance product, value-driven benefit model www.oregon.gov/OHPPR
Texas $9,513,413 Small employer reinsurance, premium assistance, increased take-up of employer-sponsored insurance, primary/preventive care www.hhsc.state.tx.us
Virginia $912,658 Three-share, pilot program, employee wellness program, centralized operations/enrollment, policy center


Washington $1,228,042 Health Insurance Partnership (HIP), small business insurance exchange, Medicaid waiver, premium assistance www.ofm.wa.gov
West Virginia $6,343,900 Medical home, insurance exchange, premium assistance, portal connector (employees, providers) www.wvinsurance.gov
Wisconsin $9,995,188 Basic health plan, technological advisory body, best practices, first-year physical, online enrollment center www.badgercareplus.org