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CPS Resources

Comprehensive documentation on the CPS-ASEC is available at the Census Bureau's health insurance web page.

SHADAC has a variety of resources and links, below, that focus on state-level estimation of health insurance coverage.

CPS Estimates of Health Insurance Coverage

CPS Redesign

The Census Bureau redesigned the health insurance coverage and income questions beginning with the 2014 CPS ASEC (asking about coverage and income in 2013). 

SHADAC's Enhanced CPS Estimates

SHADAC has developed and made available a Current Population Survey (CPS) data series (the "SHADAC-Enhanced CPS") that makes several adjustments to the CPS estimates to account for survey changes over time.  These resources describe the adjustments and explain how to use the adjusted microdata. 

CPS Sample Design

The CPS is a complex survey

Historical changes to the CPS methodology

The CPS has collected health insurance coverage data since 1988.  In that time a number of methodological changes have been applied the the survey that affect how estimates trend over time.  SHADAC has compiled a timeline and description of these changes and how to adjust for them.  Furthermore, SHADAC has developed Stata programmed code to conduct these adjustments.

SHADAC's Annual Data Release Conference Call Summaries

Each year upon release of the annual CPS data (late August or early September), SHADAC hosts a conference call featuring experts from the U.S. Census Bureau.  The calls are open to the public and the purpose is to discuss any issues or concerns.  A summary of each year's call is below.  To get information on future calls please sign up for our mailing list (lower right corner of our home page) or check our news page in mid- to late August.

County-level health insurance estimates (SAHIE)

Many analysts seek sub-state (county, metro area) health insurance estimates.  The Census Bureau has developed modeled estimates, formerly using the CPS and based on multiple years of data, and most recently using the American Community Survey single years of data.  SHADAC's October 2011 issue brief on new SAHIE estimates explains the methodology.

Medicaid "undercount"

The Medicaid "undercount" is the phenomena resulting from a disparity between administrative reports and survey respondent self-reporting of Medicaid enrollment.  Typically surveys under-report the number of enrollees, for a variety of reasons.  This resource explains the findings from SHADAC's research and provide a correction tool.