SHADAC Expertise

State Marketplace Surveys

This page includes an archive of Marketplace-related surveys conducted by states. These surveys can include:

  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Governance surveys
  • Market surveys (e.g., small business)
  • Surveys in response to prototype portals
  • Other Exchange-related research

This page will be updated on a regular basis. If you know of any resources that we should include, please email the information to

State Survey link
Arkansas 2011 Governance survey report
Indiana 2011 Stakeholder survey report
Kansas 2011 Small business survey questionnaire
Massachusetts 2011 Commonwealth Care Member Survey

2008 Exchange feasibility study

2012 AARP Survey of Minnesota Registered Voters Ages 30-64 on the Development of a State Health Insurance Exchange

Nebraska 2011 Stakeholder survey questionnaire
New York 2011 AARP Survey of New Yorkers ages 50-64: State Health Insurance Exchange
Virginia 2011 AARP Survey of Virginians age 18+: State Health Insurance Exchange

2011 (and beyond) Exchange prototype exit survey questionnaire

2011 Stakeholder survey (based in large part on the 2011 Indiana stakeholder survey)