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Reports and Briefs: The Opioid Epidemic: National and State Trends in Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths, 2000-2015 (Briefs and Maps)

Jun. 13, 2017: The number of annual deaths from drug overdoses in the United States has tripled in the past 15 years, from 17,500 in 2000 to 52,500 in 2015.[i] Most of these deaths involved opioids, including heroin and prescription painkillers.[ii] Although the incidence of opioid-related deaths has grown for...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Using Google Trends to Support Health Policy Analysis

May. 30, 2017: This brief describes a rich source of internet search data--Google Trends--and provides an example of how researchers are using these data to study health policy.  Download a PDF of the brief. Access additional content from the SHARE-funded research project led by Dr. Sarah Gollust and...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Paying for Value in Medicaid: A Synthesis of Advanced Payment Models in Four States - Final Report

May. 15, 2017: This report summarizes the work conducted under the project, "Paying for Value in Medicaid: A Synthesis of Advanced Payment Models in Four States." The project was funded by the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission (MACPAC) and conducted by both MACPAC staff and staff at the State Health...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Financial Burden and Cost-related Barriers to Care: Changes Since Implementation of the ACA

Apr. 12, 2017: This brief by SHADAC researchers Colin Planalp and Lacey Hartman examines U.S. and state-level changes in family health spending, trouble paying medical bills, and delayed or forgone care due to cost since the ACA was implemented in 2014, Download a PDF of this brief.    Read More

Reports and Briefs: State-Level Trends in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance, 2011-2015: Chartbook and State Fact Sheets

Feb. 22, 2017: Chartbook This SHADAC chartbook uses data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey-Insurance Component (MEPS-IC) to highlight the experiences of private-sector workers with employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) from 2011 through 2015 at the national level and in the states. ...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Impact of the Affordable Care Act in Minnesota: Implications of Repeal

Feb. 07, 2017: In this brief, the authors present an overview of the impact of the ACA’s coverage expansions in the state of Minnesota and highlight the potential for losses with an ACA repeal.  We look specifically at rates of health insurance coverage, hospital uncompensated care, and levels of federal...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Comparing Federal Government Surveys That Count the Uninsured: 2016

Oct. 31, 2016: This brief provides an annual update to comparisons of uninsurance estimates from four federal surveys1: The American Community Survey (ACS) The Current Population Survey (CPS) The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey - Household Component (MEPS-HC) The National Health Interview Survey (...Read More

Reports and Briefs: State-Level Trends in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: 2016 Report

Aug. 18, 2016: This annual SHADAC report examines state-level trends in employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) and the factors that influence ESI. Download the report. State-Level Summary Tables SHADAC's 2016 report on employer-sponsored insurance is accompanied by state-level summary tables of key ESI...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Evaluation of the Minnesota Accountable Health Model: First Annual Report

Jul. 14, 2016: The State Innovation Model (SIM) Program is sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and administered by CMS’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI). SIM provides funding and support to states to transform their public and private health care payment and...Read More

Reports and Briefs: SHADAC Brief #47: New CPS Health Insurance Content: Data Release Timeline and Question Text

Jun. 13, 2016: This brief is a companion piece to “An Introduction to Redesigned Health Insurance Coverage Questions in the 2014 Current Population Survey’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement,” SHADAC Brief #39. It provides detailed question text and a timeline on the availability of the new content...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Geographic Concentration of the Uninsured in 2013 & 2014

Jun. 09, 2016: This data summary provides results from the 2013 and 2014 Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) program at the U.S. Census Bureau. Taken together, the 2013 and 2014 estimates illustrate the geographic concentration of the uninsured across U.S. counties before and after the...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Health Care Utilization and Cost Impacts of Delivery System Innovations: An Updated Review of the Evidence

May. 10, 2016: This issue brief provides an updated review of the evidence about the impacts of delivery system interventions with a focus on outcomes related to health care utilization and costs. The original issue brief was provided in the fall of 2013 to recipients grant funding from the federal State...Read More

Reports and Briefs: New Brief: Using HCUP Data for State Health Policy Analysis

Apr. 22, 2016: The SHARE grant program has released a new brief examining the use of administrative data for the purpose of state health policy analysis. In particular, the brief highlights the hospital administrative data available from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) and presents a case study...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Using HCUP Data for State Health Policy Analysis: A Case Study Examining the Impacts of an Early Medicaid Expansion

Apr. 22, 2016: This brief from the SHARE grant program examines a rich source of US hospital administrative data--the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP)--and provides an example of how a SHARE-funded research project led by Dr. Peter Cunningham at Virginia Commonwealth University...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Aligning Quality Measures across Payers

Apr. 06, 2016: With a growing emphasis on improving the quality of health care, public and private payers are increasingly measuring the performance of providers on a variety of quality metrics. The purpose of gathering these metrics is to evaluate health care providers and drive them to improve their performance...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Engaging Commercial Payers on Multipayer Alignment

Mar. 29, 2016: Engaging with commercial payers is a critical component of achieving multipayer alignment in payment and delivery system initiatives.  A new issue brief produced by SHADAC outlines several key recommendations for states as they work to engage commercial payers.  These include: •...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Engaging Commercial Payers on Multipayer Alignment: Key Issues for SIM States

Mar. 29, 2016: This brief provides some tips to states on how to productively engage with private payers on the goal of achieving multipayer alignment in payment reform and delivery system reform initiatives. In some states, Medicaid has been a very proactive purchaser and driver of delivery system...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Guide to Using the 2014 and 2015 Current Population Survey Public Use Files

Mar. 14, 2016: Originally published in March 2016. Revised August 2016. The Census Bureau implemented redesigned income and health insurance coverage questions beginning with the 2014 Current Population Survey’s Annual Social and Economic Supplement (CPS) questionnaire. The 2014 CPS asked about income and...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Health Insurance Coverage in Minnesota: Results from the 2015 Minnesota Health Access Survey

Feb. 29, 2016: This issue brief summarizes a set of findings from the 2015 Minnesota Health Access Survey (MNHA). The MNHA is a biennial state population telephone survey, conducted in partnership between the Health Economics Program at the Minnesota Department of Health and the State Health Access Data...Read More

Reports and Briefs: State Level Trends in Children's Health Insurance Coverage, 2010-2014

Feb. 11, 2016: This in-depth report examines data from the American Community Survey (ACS) to compare health insurance coverage from 2013 to 2014 and to detail five-year coverage trends (2010 to 2014) for children nationwide and at the state level for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. ...Read More