Webinar: Predicting the Effects of the ACA - Understanding Microsimulation Models

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Dr. Jean AbrahamMicrosimulation models are increasingly being used to inform the many policy decisions raised by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  They are important tools for estimating the potential impact of public policies on the behavior of individuals and/or organizations with respect to one or more outcomes (cost and coverage often being the focus).   Their use by individual states is particularly important because each state starts with very different political, social and economic circumstances, and states have considerable flexibility in how they will implement the many ACA provisions.




In this webinar sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s State Health Reform Assistance Network program, Dr. Jean Abraham, Assistant Professor of the Division of Health Policy & Management at the University of Minnesota, reviewed five major microsimulation models discussing their key components, similarities and differences, and highlighting questions states should consider when contracting for or using modeling outputs.

Dr. Abraham was joined by Danielle Holahan, Project Director for Health Insurance Exchange Planning in New York State.  Ms. Holahan shared New York’s experience working with a microsimulation vendor and highlight key issues for other states.


Supporting Materials

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On the webinar Ms. Holahan mentioned some public documents related to New York’s microsimulation work, conducted by the Urban Institute.  These documents can be found here: www.healthcarereform.ny.gov

Key documents of interest include:
Presentation slides on the simulation modeling results.

Documentation of premium constructions.

Memo on the estimate state saving under reform.

Additional documents will be posted on New York’s reform website as they are released.