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SHADAC is focused on providing sound data that informs health policy decisions and translating complex findings into actionable information that is accessible to a broad audience. Our researchers have a breadth of expertise in a variety of areas including economics, statistics, evaluation, sociology, data visualization, and qualitative and quantitative analysis, and our work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CNN, U.S. World News & Report, Axios, Washington Examiner, StarTribune, and Politico, among many others. Click a link below to learn more about the latest media stories featuring SHADAC.

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03/16 - How the fight against health inequities is getting tougher

02/23 - Sen. Tom Davis would like a word about Medicaid expansion in South Carolina
South Carolina Public Radio

(Dr. Lynn Blewett) 02/13 - A public option? In Minn.? Well ... maybe?
Star Tribune

01/11 - Where to go in Wichita if you fall in the Medicaid gap.
Wichita Beacon


11/14 - Public health workers say they are fighting an uphill battle since COVID. Lackluster funding isn't helping.

11/13 - States Taking Action to Help Individuals Maintain Health Coverage.

10/24 - Congenital syphilis rates are soaring, but resources to stem infections are lacking
Michigan Advance

10/23 - How States Can Use Section 1332 Waivers To Improve Health Care Affordability and Access
American Progress

10/2 - Mississippi has one of the country's highest rates of people without health insurance
Mississippi Today

10/2 - Congenital syphilis rates are soaring, but resources to stem infections are lacking
Alabama Reflector

9/19 - Can Medicaid solve the "Minnesota Paradox?" 
Harvard Public Health

9/17 - Key Facts on Health Coverage of Immigrants
Kaiser Family Foundation

(Dr. Lynn Blewett) 8/9 - About 38,000 people lose Medicaid coverage in Minnesota's first group of renewals after pandemic
Star Tribune

8/3 - Public scrutiny and political backlash have left Kansas City health departments in a tough spot
NPR Kansas City

8/2 - Study shows racial, ethnic disparities in COVID-19 vaccination rates
Fox 9 KMSP

7/26 - State-Funded Health Coverage for Immigrants as of July 2023
Kaiser Family Foundation

(Dr. Lynn Blewett) 7/16 - Editorial: A Wisely Careful Approach to Public Opinion
Star Tribune

6/30 - Value-Based Care: Operational Context Matters
FTI Consulting

(Dr. Lynn Blewett) 6/21 - Spotlight on Medicaid: Impact on Patients of Enrollment Redeterminations & Work Requirements
Federation of American Hospitals

6/18 - Taking Pride in Health Care: And it’s Good for Business

6/15 - The Medicaid Unwinding: Expectations and Estimations
Center for Mississippi Health Policy

6/7 - State Health Compare Finds CT access to care is good but costly
Connecticut Health Policy Project

6/2 - Changes to race, ethnicity data collection will impact health
The Nation's Health

5/26 - A Post-COVID Push to Fill Health Data Gaps

5/17 - Out-of-pocket healthcare: Average costs and how to finance them
Yahoo! Finance

5/11 - Surviving not Thriving: Post-Pandemic Economic Security for Black Women and Latinas in Georgia
Georgia Budget and Policy Institute

5/3 - New Legislation and Continued Failure to Expand Medicaid Put Georgia’s Health Care Safety Net on Uncertain Path
Georgia Budget and Policy Institute

4/19 - Americans die younger than others in wealthy nations. What can we do about it?
MPR News

4/6 - Medicaid Expansion Could Prevent Coverage Loss During Redeterminations
Health Payer Intelligence

4/3 - Study Finds Racial Coverage Disparities Following Unemployment
Health Payer Intelligence

3/28 - How a Parent’s Social Anxiety Can Impact a Child
Psychology Today

3/13 - Public health teams want more funding before next crisis
NJ Spotlight News

3/6 - High deductible health plan and the states that love them most (and least)
Benefits Pro

3/3 - Leveraging Primary Care Population-Based Payments in Medicaid To Advance Health Equity
Health Affairs

2/9 - High Deductible Health Plan Enrollment Hit Record High in 2021
Health Payer Intelligence

1/27 - Increased subsidies lead to record-setting year for Affordable Care Act enrollment
The National Desk

1/5 - Op/Ed: Government price fixing won't lower health care costs in Indiana. Here's what will.
Indianapolis Star


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