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State Reform Survey Item Matrix (SRSIM)

What is the State Reform Survey Item Matrix?

The State Reform Survey Item Matrix (SRSIM) builds on activities of the State Reform Survey Workgroup. This group, composed of state analysts from across the country, established metrics for monitoring ACA progress in state surveys.[1] 

The SRSIM Excel file:

• Contains sort and filter functions that allow users to search for questions from existing surveys within a number of essential domains identified by the Workgroup

• Enables comparison of survey metrics between state and national surveys

• Helps inform decisions around metrics to include in future surveys

Use of the SRSIM may create greater uniformity across state survey instruments, allowing comparisons outside the use of federal or foundation data.  

What's in the SRSIM?

• Metrics and question items from states participating in the State Reform Survey Workgroup, as well as from states that conduct regular household surveys

• Items from more than 20 states and one territory

• Items from three federal or foundation surveys that regularly report health insurance and access data:
- Current Population Survey (CPS)—commonly relied upon for state level estimates

- Commonwealth Fund survey 

- National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)—contains reform relevant items identified by the Workgroup 

How Does the SRSIM Work?

The matrix allows users to sort and filter six columns:

• Domain

• Desired metric

• Federal or state survey

• Survey source

• Exact metric/survey question

• Universe

See SRSIM screenshot below.



Further Information

Find details about SRSIM in the SRSIM Excel tabs:

Tab 1: Purpose

Tab 2: Description

Tab 3: How to Use

Tab 4: State Reform Survey Item Matrix (main tab)

Tab 5: Surveys included

Tab 6: Limitations

Tab 7: Related Resource

Tab 8: Acknowledgments

Related Resource: MESIM

• The Marketplace Enrollee Survey Item Matrix (MESIM) compiles question items specifically related to health insurance Marketplace participation under the ACA.

• Questions are drawn from state, federal and private surveys across the country.

The MESIM is available here.

Suggested Citation

State Health Access Data Assistance Center. 2013. "State Reform Survey Item Matrix (SRSIM)." Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota.



[1] 2011 report at The SRSIM organizes and expands upon the health reform questions identified in the 2011 report.