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Report/Brief: Yet Another Wild Card in State Budget Deliberations

Oct. 30, 2003: SHADAC's Issue Brief #7 seeks to provide an understanding of the sources of this variability in projecting federal participation in the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and to recommend methods that could be employed to reduce the uncertainty for states in future years. October...Read More

Report/Brief: Comparison of Children's Uninsurance Rates Across the States: 1995-96 to 2000-2001

Feb. 28, 2003: SHADAC's Issue Brief #6 assesses the changes in health insurance coverage among children across the states for the five-year time period spanning Welfare Reform and the enactment and implementation of SCHIP. Estimates used for all comparisons between 1995 and 2001 are adjusted for the verification...Read More

Report/Brief: Overview of Approaches for Estimating Uninsurance Rates at the Sub-state Level

Apr. 09, 2002: SHADAC's Issue Brief #5 highlights three approaches that have been used to estimate uninsurance rates at the sub-state level: direct estimation through survey sampling, the proxy measure approach, and the model-based approach. April 2002. Read More

Report/Brief: What is Behind the 8 Percent Drop in Uninsurance?

Feb. 20, 2002: SHADAC's Issue Brief #4 describes the change in health insurance coverage estimates after the Census Bureau added a verification component to the Current Population Survey (CPS) health insurance module, and the effect of the change on state policy. February 2002. Read More

Report/Brief: State Health Insurance Coverage Estimates: Why State-Survey Estimates Differ from CPS

Aug. 09, 2001: SHADAC's Issue Brief #3 describes why state-generated estimates of health insurance coverage are likely to differ from the annual estimates of uninsurance rates based on the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS). July 2001. Read More

Report/Brief: The Impact of Changes to the Current Population Survey on State Health Insurance Coverage Estimation

Mar. 30, 2001: SHADAC's Issue Brief #2 examines the effect of increased sample size for the Current Population Survey on the precision of state estimates of the number of low-income children who do not have health insurance coverage. March 2001. Read More

Report/Brief: The Current Population Survey and State Health Insurance Coverage Estimates

Mar. 09, 2001: SHADAC's Issue Brief #1 provides background information on the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS) and use of the CPS coverage estimates for state health policy. March 2001. Read More

Report/Brief: Demographic, Social, and Economic Characteristics of the General Population of Minnesotans aged 65 and Older

Dec. 07, 2000: As part of a suite of studies titled: Own Your Future 3.0: Planning for Minnesotans' LTSS Needs, sponsored by Minnesota’s Department of Human Services and Board on Aging, this report summarizes the demographic, social, and economic characteristics of Minnesotans aged 65 and older using...Read More