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Blog: Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in the U.S. has Reached a Plateau: Evidence from the Household Pulse Survey

Apr. 01, 2022: Previous analysis produced by SHADAC using data from the Household Pulse Survey (HPS) showed promising evidence of a reduction in COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy during the first three months of 2021. However, though this report highlighted an overall decline in hesitancy, it also showed disparities in...Read More

Blog: Expert Perspective and Issue Brief: Tracking the Data on Medicaid’s Continuous Coverage Unwinding (State Health & Value Strategies Cross-Post)

Jan. 27, 2022: The following content is cross-posted from State Health and Value Strategies published on January 21, 2022. Authors: Emily Zylla, Elizabeth Lukanen, and Lindsey Theis, SHADAC Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) programs have played a key role in the response to the...Read More

Resource: Analysis from the SHADAC COVID-19 Survey

Oct. 18, 2021: What is the SHADAC COVID-19 Survey? The SHADAC COVID-19 Survey is a two-part survey initially designed by our researchers* to measure the impacts of the novel coronavirus on a variety of experiences for adults in the United States. The survey was conducted as part of the AmeriSpeak omnibus...Read More

Report/Brief: COVID-19 illness personally affected nearly 97 million U.S. adults

Oct. 01, 2021: New brief shows results from SHADAC COVID-19 Survey on population experiences with COVID sickness and death Researchers at SHADAC have fielded an updated version of the SHADAC COVID-19 Survey in April 2021, aimed at understanding respondents’ experiences with illness and death due to COVID-19...Read More

Blog: COVID-19 Vaccination Rates: State-level and Subpopulation Evidence from the Household Pulse Survey

Jul. 19, 2021: Update 6: June 9 to June 21 The COVID-19 vaccines promise to help protect individual Americans against infection and eventually provide population-level herd immunity. After several months of rolling out the various one and two-shot COVID-19 vaccines, which have included hiccups from the Johnson...Read More

Resource: 2020 SHADAC Annual Report

Jul. 09, 2021: This report provides an overview of our topic areas, technical expertise, and partnerships as well as a glimpse into some of the work done at SHADAC in 2020. Click the report below to flip through our 2020 Annual Report. Read More

Blog: New Study Shows Heightened Mental Health Burdens for Young Adults, Adults with Lower Incomes or Lower Education Levels, and Adults who Experienced Income Loss during the COVID Pandemic

Jul. 01, 2021: As rates of COVID vaccination increase around the world and the nation, attention is beginning to turn toward addressing more of the non-physical impacts and effects of the virus, such as the mental health burdens borne by large segments of the population.1 In a new issue brief released this...Read More

Report/Brief: COVID-19 Pandemic Coincided with Elevated and Increasing Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Jul. 01, 2021: SHADAC Director Dr. Lynn Blewett and SHADAC Researchers Colin Planalp and Robert Hest used data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey (HPS) to study rates of anxiety and depression in the U.S. adult population for the months of April to December 2020. The brief looks at both...Read More

Blog: Pandemic drinking may exacerbate upward-trending alcohol deaths

Jun. 14, 2021: Even before 2020, alcohol-involved deaths reached a modern record Considering the well-deserved attention paid to the opioid crisis in recent years, few people might guess that rates of alcohol-involved deaths were as high as or higher than opioid overdose death rates in nearly half of states (...Read More

Resource: Measuring Coronavirus Impacts with the Census Bureau's New Household Pulse Survey: Utilizing the Data and Understanding the Methodology

Jun. 05, 2021: The COVID-19 pandemic is having broad-ranging impacts on the health and economic security of Americans across the country, and policymakers, among others, are eager to understand the extent of these impacts and how they vary across states and key subpopulations such as race/ethnicity, given the...Read More

Blog: Vaccine Hesitancy Decreased During the First Three Months of the Year: New Evidence from the Household Pulse Survey

May. 14, 2021: Evidence shows that marginalized groups such as individuals with lower-incomes and people of color are in general less likely to receive vaccinations.i Previous research from SHADAC using the U.S. Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey (HPS) confirms that this pattern holds true with the COVID...Read More

Blog: COVID-19 Vaccination Rates: State-level and Subpopulation Analysis of the Household Pulse Survey

Apr. 14, 2021: Update 5: March 17 to March 29 Newly available COVID-19 vaccines promise to help protect individual Americans against infection and eventually provide population-level herd immunity. The pace of COVID-19 vaccination rollout in the United States has picked up after an unsteady start earlier in...Read More

Blog: State-Specific Surveys Encompassing Residents’ COVID-19 Experiences

Feb. 26, 2021: Updated on February 26, 2021 Introduction and Purpose One of the ways that states are responding to the novel coronavirus epidemic is to gather timely information from residents on their personal experiences and opinions regarding the pandemic. Such real-time information helps states...Read More

Report/Brief: Anticipating COVID-19 Vaccination Challenges through Flu Vaccination Patterns

Jan. 06, 2021: A new issue brief from SHADAC researchers, funded by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), examines flu vaccination rates as the closest possible analog to understanding how the implementation of a widespread coronavirus vaccination campaign will unfold. Using data from the U.S. Centers...Read More