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Resource: State-Based Reinsurance Programs via 1332 State Innovation Waivers

Aug. 10, 2020: An overview of the states with 1332 reinsurance waivers approved, withdrawn, or pending: For the states that have been approved, here's a brief glance at the pass-through funding for 2019: For additional in-depth state-level detail please see the table below. Scroll further ...Read More

Blog & News: Now Available on State Health Compare: 12 Updated and New Measures on Health Insurance Coverage, Cost of Care, Public Health, Health Behaviors and Outcomes, and Quality of Care

Aug. 10, 2020: SHADAC has published one brand new measure and updated eleven existing data measures with the latest available estimates on our State Health Compare site.  The new measure we’ve added is: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) This measure defines the percent of children (age 0-17) who...Read More

Reports and Briefs: 2020 Update of SHADAC's Health Insurance Unit

Jul. 31, 2020: In 2012, SHADAC created and released its “Health Insurance Unit,” or “HIU,” to aid researchers in reconciling the differences between the way that a “family” is defined in federal surveys (such as the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey [ACS] or Current Population Survey [CPS]) with the...Read More

Blog & News: New Brief details 2020 update for the SHADAC Health Insurance Unit (HIU)

Jul. 31, 2020: In the years following the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), SHADAC developed and introduced its Health Insurance Unit, or “HIU,” a tool to aid in defining family interrelationships in federal population surveys for the purpose of analyzing health insurance coverage...Read More

Blog & News: Updates to Minnesota's Uninsured Profile Data Tool that Identifies and Characterizes the Uninsured Population

Jul. 21, 2020: After a successful initial release of a new, interactive data tool that provides a way to identify and characterize communities with high uninsurance rates in Minnesota, Dr. Kathleen Call and her team at SHADAC have continued their partnership with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of...Read More

Resource: Minnesota’s Uninsured Profile and Interactive Map

Jul. 21, 2020: Minnesota's Uninsured and the Communities in Which They Live Historically, Minnesota has consistently experienced low rates of uninsurance. However, there are areas within the state where uninsured rates vary greatly by ZIP code, county, economic development region (EDR) and Legislative district....Read More

50-State Analysis of Drug Overdose Trends: The Evolving Opioid Crisis Across the States (Infographics)

Jul. 17, 2020: This set of two-page infographics uses estimates from SHADAC’s State Health Compare online data tool to explore the evolving opioid overdose epidemic across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, examining state variation in both the prevalence of opioid...Read More

Blog & News: 50-State Infographics Provide an Updated Overview of the Evolving Opioid Crisis

Jul. 15, 2020: Though still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the United States continues to grapple with other national public health emergencies, such as the opioid crisis. Indeed, many public health experts have voiced concerns about the potential effects of COVID-19 on mental health and associated...Read More

Blog & News: State-Specific Surveys Encompassing Residents’ COVID-19 Experiences

Jul. 06, 2020: Updated on June 30, 2020 Introduction and Purpose One of the ways that states are responding to the novel coronavirus pandemic is to gather timely information from residents on their personal experiences and opinions regarding the pandemic. Such real-time information helps states effectively...Read More

Blog & News: State Health Compare data offer baseline for measuring pandemic’s impact on suicide, drug overdose death rates

Jul. 02, 2020: Even as thousands of Americans continue to die each day from COVID-19, many people are beginning to worry about the pandemic’s effects on other of the country’s ongoing public health crises, such as “deaths of despair” caused by suicides, alcohol abuse, and overdoses from opioids and other drugs....Read More

Journal Articles: SHADAC Article in Journal of Aging & Social Policy Urges States to Use COVID-19 Flexible Medicaid Authority for LTSS Eligibility

Jun. 30, 2020: In response to the current public health emergency presented by COVID-19, especially the health risks pertaining to low-income older adults and disabled persons, states have been given new authority with regard to Medicaid in order to ease traditional complications and restrictions surrounding...Read More

Blog & News: U.S. Suicide Death Rate Reached Record High in 2018: SHADAC Briefs Examine the Numbers among Subgroups and States

Jun. 16, 2020: The suicide death rate for the United States reached another historic high in 2018, rising to 14.2 deaths per 100,000 people from 14.0 in 2017, according to new vital statistics data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This newest jump continues a decades-long increase...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Suicide Rates on the Rise: Examining Continuing Trends and Variation across the Nation and in the States from 2000 to 2018

Jun. 16, 2020: Among the numerous impacts resulting from the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, early evidence from several recent national polls suggests that the COVID-19 crisis is taking a significant toll on mental health in the United States.1 While we will not be able to fully comprehend the extent...Read More

Reports and Briefs: Significance Testing Using State Health Compare

Jun. 03, 2020: Originally published December 2016. Updated June 2020. This technical brief provides guidance on how to run tests for statistically significant differences using estimates and their associated margins of error from SHADAC’s State Health Compare web tool. The brief first explains how to...Read More

Blog & News: SHADAC Newsletter - May 2020

May. 30, 2020: The SHADAC newsletter contains updates on SHADAC activities, news from the states, resource updates, and blog highlights. Click on the image below to download a PDF version of this newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter here. Visit our Newsletter archive. Read More

Blog & News: NHIS: 2.4 million more uninsured working-aged adults in first six months of 2019

May. 28, 2020: The number of nonelderly adults (age 18-64) without health insurance coverage increased to 27.2 million in the first six months of 2019 (January-June), up from 24.8 million in the same period in 2018. This put the uninsured rate for the first half of 2019 at 13.7%, an increase from 12.5% in the...Read More

Reports and Briefs: SHADAC COVID-19 Survey Results

May. 26, 2020: The SHADAC COVID-19 Survey on the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on health care access and insurance coverage was conducted as part of the AmeriSpeak omnibus survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago. The survey was conducted using a mix of phone and online modes from April 24 and...Read More

Blog & News: 90 percent of U.S. adults report increased stress due to pandemic

May. 26, 2020: Colin Planalp, MPA, Giovann Alarcon, MPP, Lynn A. Blewett, PhD, The coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic crisis have introduced a new and unique set of conditions that trigger stress in the United States population. Many individuals are concerned about contracting the virus and...Read More

Blog & News: Understanding the Methodology behind Measuring Coronavirus Impacts with the Census Bureau's New Household Pulse Survey

May. 22, 2020: The COVID-19 pandemic is having broad-ranging impacts on the health and economic security of Americans across the country, and policymakers, among others, are eager to understand the extent of these impacts and how they vary across states and key subpopulations such as race/ethnicity, given the...Read More

Blog & News: Expert Perspective: States’ Reporting of COVID-19 Health Equity Data (State Health & Value Strategies Cross-Post)

May. 15, 2020: The following content is cross-posted from State Health and Value Strategies. It was first published on April 22, 2020. Authors: Emily Zylla and Lacey Hartman, SHADAC As the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis evolves, it has become increasingly clear that vulnerable subpopulations...Read More